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My Star Landed

My Star landed is a supernatural conspiracy thriller (X-Files, Stranger Things)  first person adventure game. The truth is out there, and if you can survive a weekend in the forest, you just might. But this will not be so easy, especially when you are being stalked by gray aliens and shadowy government agents who will not stop at nothing to make sure you don’t infiltrate the greatest cover-up of all time.

Air Mail II

Critically acclaimed “Air Mail” is flying its way back to the masses .  

Along with enhancement to the already critically acclaimed flight simulation, we will bring a bigger open world with new missions,  plenty of new vehicles to choose from, and a slew of new characters that will  take you to new heights.  So buckle up and get ready as the world awaits !!!


– About Us –

Digiart Interactive is a Minority owned video game Publishing and Development company located in New York and Los Angeles. We have an eclectic creative Award winning team from all facets of the Entertainment industry to help deliver a fun gaming experience to all. 


Digiart has games in different stages of development.

– News –

Aluna on Broadway

Aluna on Broadway

We are so excited to see Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards light up Broadway in Times Square.  It is rare to see an independent game such as ours, light up the night on Viacoms billboard.  The momentum keeps building thanks to all of the fans that are excited to get their...

Digiart Interactive Today Announced – gamewatcher.com

Digiart Interactive Today Announced – gamewatcher.com

Digiart Interactive today announced - gamewatcher.com  Digiart Interactive today announced their next project as Action-RPG Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards. The title follows the exploits of the comic book heroine who was also featured in the MOBA Heroes of Newerth. ...

Leisure Suit larry : Reloaded

Deepak Chopra's Leela

Jim Hensens Pajanimals

My Star Landed

– Developer Titles –

Our Award winning development partner N–Fusion Interactive has been in business for over  25 years and has released over 60 games for some of the top publishers of the world. 

1979 Revolution Black Friday

Air Mail


Deus Ex The Fall




Have a great idea or a finished ready to ship game sitting around ?

Digiart has a team of professional internal production and PR and marketers ready to help you bring your product to the masses. Please send a short description of your pitch and where you are in production with a clear scope of what help is needed to bring your game to the market .


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